It simply began in 2015 as a father/son team to design a shoulder strap for the urban shopper to attach their tote bags. However, it was soon realized that the physics required to reduce the stresses on their purchases could be directly incorporated into the tote bag. Thus the strap geometry you see on our products. This may have been the function, but engaging a design team to fashion a unique tote bag incorporating this feature was far more challenging and rewarding. It was from these conversations that creating an exclusive look using French Seams would provide the character, while the adding of external and internal perimeter pockets the practicality. Most interestingly was establishing the brand and how consistent a group they were on how it was to be presented on the product.

To this effect...the gratitude to our team and customers cannot be overstated, for it is our collective desire that you will enjoy our products wherever you may go or travel.

In respect to the kindness and generosity of those who assisted us, and importantly--our customers, an ongoing commitment of a minimum 10% of the sale value will be donated to World Vision, in their pursuit of providing essential learning tools to further education to those in need.

Many, many thanks to all...

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